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Myson Underfloor heating is suitable for use with all types of wet central heating systems, including gas, oil or solid fuels and conventional combination or condensing boilers.  It is also ideal for mixed systems with, for example underfloor heating on the ground floor and radiators on the first floor.  Due to its lower flow temperatures, underfloor heating works especially well with condensing boilers and renewable energy sources, such as heat pumps, taking full advantage of the high efficiencies available.
To work effectively, underfloor heating requires water temperatures of between 35ºC and 55ºC.  These are easily obtained by blending flow water and return water from the underfloor by means of the thermostatic mixing facility.

Myson's underfloor heating systems offer architects, specifiers, contractors and clients the finest technology, performance and value on the market, plus the unbeatable service of the most experienced company in the field.

















Space saving and controllable

Underfloor heating provides many significant benefits.  It is space-saving, giving you flexibility to make the most of every square metre of living space and eliminate ‘no-go’ areas.  It is also highly effective, with no cold spots. 

Even the largest rooms can enjoy uniform heat, with virtually no draughts caused by air circulation. 

It’s economical and controllable too – individual rooms or areas can be zoned to suit their purpose, with heat output varied according to time of day or outside temperature.

Myson Underfloor heating pipework











Manifold Control Centre

Underfloor heating Manifold control centre

  Control of the underfloor heating flow water temperature is by means of mixing return water from the underfloor heating with flow water from the primary pipework.  The mixed temperature is controlled at a constant temperature and the proportions of flow and return water is varied accordingly.  Mixing is undertaken in a three port mixing valve, either a thermo-mechanical device or an electrical mixing valve and controller.

Individual rooms fed from the same manifold can be controlled by means of room thermostats and Myson thermoelectric actuators.  Myson thermoelectric actuators can be supplied in 230v or 24v options and are designed for simple snap fitting to the regulating valves on the return header of the manifold.  They operate by means of wax filled bellows with a heating element.  When there is a call for heat the heating element is energised, heating the wax, which expands, causing the valve to open.


 Myson underfloor heating controls  When multiple room control is required, the room thermostats can be wired through a Myson Wiring Centre.  This has the advantage of providing a boiler and pump demand as well as connections for time channel input.

Myson offer a wide range of controls to complement any system, go to the Myson Underfloor Heating Controls page to see which option will best suit you.


Comprising a plastic cliprail, which is fixed to insulation using adhesive double-sided tape and fixing pins, hold the pipework in position.  The cliprail Is positioned at each end of a run of pipework and at centres of 1.5metres along its length.  Cliprail systems allow the underfloor heating pipework to be laid in a snake pattern

underfloor heating cliprail

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